最近のマイブームは機械学習, Ruby on Rails。中でも機械学習を使った金融商品の自動取引に興味があります。

Unified Modeling Language #1

I'm a Japanese student. I'm in India by studying abroad program of university. My subject  is Information Science and Engineering.

This blog is made to write down what I learned. It is home assignment, but it seems fun.

In the first class (31st August) we learned ---
  • What is modeling
    • making models
  • Why we need to do modeling before creating any object
    • to avoid making mistake
    • take overview
  • An object or a system can have different views which are usually modeled using different diagrams
    • e.g. baseball stadium --- players, field, shops, etc...
    • e.g. cars --- front, side, rear, the data of shape, etc...
  • The need for a common notation
    • We are confused what notation means something when we don't use common notations
  • Different views of a software system
    • (I don't remember what I learned)
I have learned UML at university in Japanese. But I don't remember some of them, so I want to study harder to remember them.

Be continued to next class...